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Charging Cloud Platform

EN Plus is dedicated to enabling the future of e-mobility by providing the most open, secure and robust charging network anywhere. A charging platform based on the cloud server makes it simple for charger owners to operate and customized chargers to meet their specific requirements. We provide everything you need to offer a complete EV charging solution.

OCPP Capable: Easy process to integrate other OCPP-capable chargers to the charging cloud platform through OCPP protocol.

Real-time Monitor: A graphical dashboard shows real-time status, helping charger operator or EV driver to manage charging service from their computer or mobile phone.

Flexible Integration: Integrations with other systems - APIs allow flexible integration with other systems including payment apps, parking system, enterprise existing system and 3rd party cloud platform.


Charging Management System

Charge management system is developed for charger operator, who maintain the chargers and make money from EV driver on the energy consumption. It's the backend for charger operator to monitor the charging service to all users.

Care-free Management: Supervise working performance of every single charger and get notification of alarms to arrange in-time maintenance.

Flexible Pricing: Set the price that drivers pay to use charging service based on energy cost, energy consumption, duration of use or parking time.

Power Management: Ensure the charger never draw more power than the site can provide, saving the installation costs and lets you charge more vehicles.

Remote Diagnostics: Automatically upload charging logs which contributes to error analysis, allowing remote firmware upgrade in case of further improvement.

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Mobile App

EN+ mobile app connects drivers with charging station so they can easily find a charger when they are in need. It enables EV drivers to do location search, space reservation, charging control and payment settlement. All is fixed in one mobile phone.



LAN Charge Management System

Local charge management system is a software infrastructure used in a local network to manage the EV chargers installed in that same location.

The software is set up n a personal computer connected to EV chargers via network cables, putting the chargers under system management. Only the person operating in the computer can monitor and control the chargers.

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